Send Your Condolences With Fresh Funeral Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gesture that can help honor the deceased and bring comfort to the grieving family. Here are eight fresh flower options from your nearby florist in Fitchburg MA that you may want to consider sending for a funeral

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When someone loses a loved one through death, it can be difficult to know how to offer your support and give condolences. Isn’t? Now sending flowers is a common way to tell them that you deeply care. And, flowers are a beautiful gesture that can help honor the deceased and bring comfort to the grieving family. Here are eight fresh flower options from your nearby florist in Fitchburg MA that you may want to consider sending for a funeral:


Lilies are traditional flowers for condolences. They symbolize purity, sympathy, and life after death. White lilies in particular have long been associated with death. You will often see them used in funeral arrangements and displayed at memorial services. Lilies have a lovely fragrance and come in various colors like white, pink, orange, or yellow–any color lily would be a thoughtful pick to convey your condolences.

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Roses are another classic flower for funerals. They represent love, honor, and compassion. White or yellow roses communicate your care, support, and hope for peace. You could send a bouquet of a dozen mixed-color roses or all in one color. But be sure to remove the thorns yourself or just ask your florist before presenting the roses so no one gets poked! Roses come in a rainbow of lovely shades and will surely lift someone's spirits with their beauty.


Chrysanthemums, commonly called "mums", are symbolic flowers for grief. They mean truth, optimism, and joyful memories. Their colors include white, yellow, bronze, or purple shades. The unusual petal patterns on mums make them stand out from other funeral flowers. Their petals don't drop or wilt as fast as some flowers either. A bouquet of cheerful mums is a thoughtful way to honor a life that was lived.


Carnations carry the meanings of fascination, admiration, and memories. While they come in a variety of colors, white carnations symbolize pure love and strength of character. Sending a mixed bouquet of carnations in different shades could highlight the varied qualities and roles of the deceased that are cherished. Carnations have a mild sweet scent and maintain their perkiness for a long time.

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Tulips represent beautiful thoughts and perfect love. Sent in full colorful sympathy flower delivery in Fitchburg MA, tulips will lift anyone's mood. Choosing different hued tulips could signify the diversity in a loved one's life experiences and relationships that are treasured. As tulips come in an array of bright shades, a mixed bouquet could showcase the various aspects of the person being remembered through flower symbolism.


Daffodils symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life. Their cheerful yellow color beams hope. Sending daffodils communicates that even though a physical life has ended, the spirit of that individual will carry on living in our hearts and memories. A bunch of sunny daffodils promises that brighter days are ahead despite present grief and sorrow. The natural fragrance of flowers for healing spreads optimism too.


Hydrangeas can mean gratitude for being understood, heartfelt emotion, and frigidity. Their plentiful blooms come in shades of white, pink, purple, or blue. Sending a lush hydrangea plant or bouquet shows you want to recognize the unique qualities in someone and how they touched their lives. Hydrangeas continue to bloom even after being cut too, prolonging their beauty as a tribute.


Orchids represent luxurious beauty, rare qualities, and strong bonds between people. Their exotic colorful blooms elevate any funeral flower arrangement. Sending an orchid plant or individual stem from a local florist Fitchburg Ma demonstrates how special and one-of-a-kind the relationship was with the deceased. Orchids may require extra care but can rebloom to commemorate the continuing bond for years to come.

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